Decoding Password Security: Six Key Password Tips for 2021

Password Security, depicted by this featured image where a Post-It note lays atop a laptop keyboard with the inscription "My Password". Underneath it reads "123456"

Ever have that nagging thought – How secure are my passwords? 🙄🤔

Well guess what? Today we’ll show you how simple it is to create strong passwords. You’ll also learn how to store them safely until you need them!

y using these six important tips, your data will be much less enticing for hackers, and you will become a password pro!

So, is your password secure? Let’s go find out!

4 Easy Steps To Safer Browsing

"4 Easy Steps to Safer Browsing" -- the cover photo depicting a view of the earth at night from space, with its surface illuminated by manmade light and its cities aglow like the nodes of a neural network.

This article takes a fresh approach to traditional glob of print you have come to expect from a blog. Today, you will learn four keys to Internet safety from a web story–an appealingly interactive format recently popularized by Google. Check it out!

VPN Mythbusters: 4 Key Facts about Virtual Private Networks

A graphic featuring a seated woman at a computer on the left, with her data being routed through a VPN shield in the middle, before moving on to the Internet server on the right.

Using a myth vs. fact breakdown, this enlightening article sets the record straight about Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). Learn why VPNs are important, what their limitations are, and how to select a quality provider from the sea of confusing choices.

Computer Security

Learn the difference between active and passive security and discover ways to protect your computer in any environment. Whether you travel constantly with a laptop in your backpack or relax in your den with a gaming desktop, I will explain the details in simple terms so you can worry less.

Mountain Lake

A mountain lake, with a view befitting its namesake article

I sit with her Placing her in memory Giving thoughts strength, yet In her silence, she frightens me. I rely on others Camping upon her shore To soothe my worry. And although I haven’t Seen her rimmed with snow Echoing the clearest of nights,…