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Your cloud storage providers are automatically detected and added to the virtual Boxcryptor Company drive. Every file added to – or created within – this drive can be immediately encrypted. Boxcryptor handles everything else for you.



The Ultimate Enterprise Cloud Encryption Solution

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  • Zero Knowledge Standard

  • All Major Cloud Platforms

  • Integrated Admin Suite

  • Policies for Your Teams

  • Single Master Key 

  • Server Located in Germany

  • AES-256 & RSA-4096 

  • Whisply Integration

  • Two-factor Authentication

  • Activity Auditing

  • Active Directory Support

  • Complies with EU GDPR 

Global Review Rating (4.7)


Cloud encryption for teams and enterprises. Boxcryptor Company uses breakthrough technology previously unavailable on the corporate scale due to inherent security risks. Using the highest security standards worldwide, Boxcryptor Company combines the benefits of the most user-friendly cloud storage services. This allows you to encrypt your data right on your device in a virtual drive before sending it to the cloud. Boxcryptor Company is compatible with G Suite, Office 365, Dropbox Business, Box Business, Egnyte, and many others.


So what makes Company different from, let’s say, Boxcryptor Business or even Tresorit? It’s simple. The integrated Company portal, which is second only to perhaps G Suite in functionality. Entrusted with a master key, the Boxcryptor security administrator controls group and user access at multiple levels. Depending on the size of your team and your software requirements, you can decide between our different team licenses. Besides the encryption, these team solutions offer many additional features to configure them flexibly as close to your needs as possible.With custom policy enforcement, visibility of all user activity, and full auditing power, your company can enforce the strictest levels of data security from a central location.  

Security & Privacy

Boxcryptor Company incorporates the most stringent security and privacy measures, including AES-256 & RSA-4096 Encryption, Two-Factor Authentication, and GDPR Compliance. The crowning jewel, ensuring that all data is completely under the control of the end user, is an additional security layer known as Zero Knowledge. This means that no third-party can access your data, not even the Boxcryptor developers themselves. This puts you in the best possible position to protect yourself, your employees, and your customers from painful data breaches. Make cloud encryption your priority today, and prevent costly damage to your company and its reputation.

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