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VPN Mythbusters: 4 Key Facts about Virtual Private Networks

Myth -- Only Bad Guys Need VPNs

Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology has existed much longer than you might suspect, dating back to its was creation at Microsoft in 1996. The VPN was originally designed to protect corporate trade secrets from the prying eyes of competitors and politicians. Ironically enough, technology was never intended for release to the general public. This shroud of secrecy has given rise to a host of misinformation about VPNs. We cannot confirm who exactly invented the VPN, although it is believed to Gurdeep Singh-Pall. Not surprisingly, today, many individuals are still skeptical or confused about how they work or whether they need one. Allow me to answer that question.

Fact -- If You're Reading This, You Need A VPN

A VPN provides a level of security and privacy that cannot otherwise be achieved. In simple terms, a VPN creates a “data tunnel” for your device or network to send and receive information. Packets of data sent through the tunnel are encrypted by the VPN server so they cannot be intercepted and read by bad actors.

Another key benefit of using a VPNs is location privacy. When you access the Internet through normal avenues, your real IP address is sent along with the request. Your device uses it to send and receive data from your place of work, your car, or your recliner. Many of us are unaware how dangerous this is.

You see, an IP address functions just like digital street address. This means your IP can be traced back to your device, revealing your physical location with shocking accuracy. A Virtual Private Network prevents this; your IP address is only visible to the server, which in turn relays your request to the Internet using a generic IP.

A Detailed Look

Myth -- VPNs Cripple Data Speed

This popular bit of fiction is technically based on some misguided truth. This has led many to shun the idea, which is unfortunate. For one should not associate VPN technology with poor Internet speed. Rather, the blame should be laid where it belongs — on the plague of sub-par “free VPN” offerings we have today.


...There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

Granted, open-source technology is wonderful, with many skilled developers deserving of special credit for their selfless contributions. That being said, chances are your “free VPN service” has no such association. Rather, such laughable services are peddled by companies who have no interest in your security. There are two potential explanations.
The point here is, do your research. I am not so bold as to claim there is not a single worthwhile free VPN service. Still, the overwhelming majority come up short, and it stands to reason that one should also explore paid options. Most are relatively inexpensive, and they offer extensive networks and reliable speeds that are relevant in the new decade. View our editor’s pick for 2020 here.

Myth -- All VPNs Are Created Equal

This fallacy goes hand in hand with the belief that a free VPN should be “good enough” because after all, aren’t they all the same? The answer once again lies in careful research. Only then will one discover all the nuances that define each provider. Each VPN server has pros and cons that should be considered in light of your desired level of security and access.

Fact -- One Size Does NOT Fit All

Before choosing a VPN provider, there are multiple factors I urge you to consider. They may seem trivial, but connectivity issues quickly become irritating, not to mention the security implications. This is especially true if you are integrating the VPN with your home or business network. Top considerations to keep in mind include:


Where is the VPN company based?
What part of the world do you live in? How many access points does this VPN host in your country?


What are the privacy laws of the VPN server's host country?
Is the host country in the 5 / 9 / 14 Eyes alliance? Has the company ever complied with demands from law enforcement agencies?


Does the company have good reviews?
What security methods do they employ? Have they ever been hacked? How badly? How did they respond?


What support options does the company offer for their software?
Do they have a phone number? Online chat? Email support?
Do they offer any discounts on longer subscriptions?

In conclusion, I hope this article has given you a better understanding of VPNs. Please note that having a VPN, no matter the quality, guarantees complete protection. Virtual Private Networks are simply another spoke in the ever-turning wheel of cybersecurity and data privacy. Thank you for reading. If you find this content worthwhile, please like and share! I look forward to reading your comments below.
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People are really interested in VPNs in 2020! Anyway, nice informative article, thanks for posting such knowledge!

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